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Getting to know you

Knowing who to work with is crucial to the whole project. A good sense of what they do, where they are based at, are some of the many things you’d want to know before saying yes to a project.

Research on their customers/users

Finding out who your customers are goes along way. How your users are using your site and how they use it helps me solve design problems in the build phase.

Nailing the purpose of the project

Figuring out why there's a need of a new website or a redesign assists me in the way I will design towards that goal. Basically, it just helps me be more focused on the job at hand.


Wireframing it

Not thinking about the aesthetics so much and focusing on how it works rather than how it looks is the key. Getting the usability factor right can save a lot of time by thinking as much scenarios - including mobile experience - the design may go through.

Mockupup creation

Based on the wireframe made, its time to make it look good for both desktop and mobile. The way it works should match the client's branding or color preferences, fonts and other elements that greatly contribute to the client's aesthetic wants like the logo.

Coding time

Developing the product near to its final medium, I like to code using the latest elements from HTML5 and the coolest style transitions form CSS3. Starting with Bootstrap with a mix of HTML5 Boilerplate, then making its way to my favorite CMS - Wordpress.


Testing from both the client and I will make sure the product meets our standards. Again, this goes for all medium included in the scope of the project. Usual testing includes cross browser testing and device testing


Deliver your product

Only the best is considered. A well-cared and fine-tuned product will be presented to you for the whole world to see.

Touchbase (optional)

We don’t need to part ways, yet. If preferred you can let me run, maintain and manage your site for you. Or just contact me next time you need someone to handle your next project.

We need to talk

As a virtual worker (some might call it), I need to keep in constant communication with my clients just incase there are questions I have and following up on approvals.

I usually use Skype for calls
Facetime, Hangouts, can work too as long as we can talk
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When I work, I love using apps I can command

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Translated thoughts

Featured Article

[Link] How it works

Marco Arment on Dr. Drang’s article:

Agreed. Design is about making hard decisions, not painting the result.

We (web designers and developers alike) should try and make ordinary people understand this. We know this already but is very – if not, almost – invisible to our clients and employers. It takes time to create a pixel perfect mockup, but it’ll be wasted if it doesn’t meet the project’s goal.

I included developers (those who code) too because I believe they make decisions as much as designers do, and they’re as much as a creative as that of a designer. There is art in the code as much as there is in mockups with different colors and fonts. Being either of the two web workers, both requires the initiative to think and decide – that’s what I think clients/employers pays us for, good decisions.

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