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Three Exemplary Typefaces for User Interfaces

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Billy Whited on typography in UI design:

It operates at a functional, almost subliminal level distinct from decidedly more ornamental concerns like graphics, texture, and color. The quality of your typesetting can support your client’s message (and their application’s functionality)—or can detract from it by drawing undue attention to itself.

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He died for me, I’ll live for Him
Good Friday, the day Christ was crucified and died on the cross. A day that is observed by Christians around the world. I grew up watching biblical movies with the family. It’s like a reunion where we get to see relatives that we don’t see often. But as a kid – it sucked for me, in a more – ‘He died for me, I’ll live for Him’.
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The reality is that high performance should be a requirement on any web project, not an afterthought. Poor performance has been tied to a decrease in revenue, traffic, conversions, and overall user satisfaction.

My focus has shifted from creating graphics and layouts with Photoshop and Illustrator then coding their way into the browser to just simply making loading times faster.

If a designer thinks web design is easy and is just about creating great stunning UI elements, he might want to think again. Although aesthetics have a factor in web design – and to some it is the most important factor – I say it’s way more interesting to solve how to get all the elements loaded before the user leaves the site. We got this down for desktop browsers, but we still struggle for browers in phones and tablets.

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Noah Stokes:

Questions like “What tasks do you want visitors to achieve when they visit the site”, and “How will you measure the success of the site” let on to how well the client knows what their goals are, and let us know exactly what we would be working to achieve. If all of those answers line up, we follow up with the potential client and request a phone call.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of the client knowing what they want you to do for them. If a client doesn’t know – or isn’t clear of what – their goal (or what they want in the end) is, they can never be satisfied. It will look like a forever-and-ever project that you’d wish you had not taken in the first place.

You can never tell them that (if a website is an e-commerce site), what you have done – already – is enough for customers to start buying online. Or, the style of the site already pleases their target customers. Or, their website is so much better than before. Often times, clients without a specific goal, tend to sound like they have a perfect plan in the beginning but never seem to have an end.

If a client tells you the reason of why they need a website is because “I just want to have one.” forget about it and move your attention to client who actually knows why they need a website.

Need To Solve A Tough Business Problem? Don’t Hire An MBA Permanent link to Need To Solve A Tough Business Problem? Don’t Hire An MBA

Hire designers.

Why? Because they shared real user insights to engage us emotionally, used narrative and stories to compel us, drew sketches and visualizations to inspire us, and simplified the complex to focus us. It’s proof positive that numbers and bullet points, while important, aren’t necessarily what drive executive decision making.

Path Finder Redesigned
I don’t use the Path Finder app, but I just knew that it had an new version. But more than that, I think the updated site looks so cool that it makes me want to use and buy the app. If I can remember correctly, the site before had a movie clip that had Siri more – ‘Path Finder Redesigned’.

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