Niels Matthijs on using LESS for sprites:

For now, the LESS mixins above should prove pretty helpful if you plan to use CSS sprites. Just remember to prepare your sprite well; if you do, things should move ahead pretty smoothly, even when deadlines are weighing on you.

I never got why I should learn to use CSS pre-processors before until I’ve read this intensive post. It’s just my style to be conservative in using images for my design. The less images there are the faster the load times.

But we know that when it comes to (some of) our clients; they want icons here, images there, and so on. This technique can really make a difference with how I usually work with sprites. I’ll think of it as another skill set that may not be used that often, but can save a whole deal of time when its actually needed.

There is really no hurt in studying new ways of doing things.